Know about the best tents for budding marijuana!

It is challenging to grow Cannabis in the house, as it involves various tasks. It is true when you think through scenarios such as new visitors to the house, prying neighbours, or surprise visits by landlords. Therefore, a grow tent helps in various ways and aids in covering the plants and developing quality buds. Grow Tent Kits aids for hiding Cannabis and comes with numerous features. Several states in the USA and entire Canada have legalized Cannabis, and there is no need to keep your botanic passion secretive. If you are thinking of buying tent kits to grow Cannabis in your house, you have to read the complete review of each product in this blog.

1. Vivosun Hydroponic Grow Tent:

Vivosum is an experienced and leading tent kits manufacturer in the market. The grow tent equipment is well designed and is said to be one of the top 4×4 grow tents in the market. It consists of mylar reflective material of about 98%, which means the light stays within the shelter and aids enormously in the growing procedure. When you own this kit, you do not have to bother about frequent tearing or surface damage.


  • Simple access observation window
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Simple to utilize zippers
  • Tear-proof canvas tenting


  • Offers steady temperature and humidity
  • As all pieces are provided, it is simple to assemble
  • Completely durable and practical

2. Apollo Hydroponic Grow Tent

Another brand that is popular for its excellent quality equipment is Apollo. Their hydroponic grow tent is a big success in the market. They have designed the product considering the light protection. The tent consists of double stitched seams and sturdy zippers to preserve in the light. Also, metal poles strengthen the dense tenting, ensuring


  • Reinforced metal framework
  • Outer tenting mechanisms to contain odor
  • Developed with Mylar lining that is tear-proof
  • 100% light proof


  • Comes with three months warranty
  • Contains full instruction manual
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy construction

3. Coolgrows Indoor Grow Tent

It is one of the most appropriate options for individuals who are growing weeds for the first time. It is very affordable and has all the features. Thus it does not make the process complicated.


  • Simple to assemble design
  • The waterproof tray is removable and useful in catching the excess
  • Water-resistant and tear-proof
  • The reflective mylar interior is 99% light-proof


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Developed to preserve the light with practical zipper lining and 99% reflectivity
  • It can fit even into the apartment because of its black design, resembling like a wardrobe.

If you have decided to set up the grow tent in your house, there are several features to consider. At the start, the procedure may look complicated. But as you research and gather information from other users, you would get an idea on what to focus and what not to focus. Size is one of the major factors to focus on. If you buy too large, you have to keep searching for the right location in your house.