Caddie Guidlines

2017 Staal Foundation Open


Hello caddies!  The following information will help you to understand some of the important job requirements of a Mackenzie Tour PGA Tour Canada caddie.  More information will be provided at the Caddie Clinic at Whitewater Golf Course.

Please take the time to read the following to learn more about being a caddie:  
1. Never touch your player's ball while it is in play.  Only handle a player’s ball when he hands it to you to clean it.  
2. Know the basic Rules of Golf as best you can.
3. Always be on time Ask your player where and when he will need you. Normally, about 1 hour prior to your player's tee time.  Always go to meet your player where he directs you, such as practice range or practice putting green.  Offsite parking may slow you down so take this into account.  
4. A pleasant start will make your work easier all week. You are working at your player's place of business. You should be polite and enthusiastic at all times and should address your player as “mister _______” unless he instructs you otherwise.
5. Count the clubs in the bag before starting out. Players are allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen (14) clubs. If there are more than fourteen clubs in the bag, alert your player. Check the clubs frequently during and after the round to make sure none have been lost.
6. Do not talk to other caddies, except on matters having to do with your work. Your player should have your full attention.
7. Never lean or sit on the golf bag or clubs. You might bend or snap a shaft.
8. Do not take practice swings with your player's clubs. It is distracting to the player and may be disastrous (there is always a chance that you might nick them).
9. Bring a towel with you as you need it to clean your player's golf ball and clubs. Prior to the round, wet an end of the towel. Never return a dirty club to the bag.
10. Keep a couple of wooden tees with you to periodically clean the grooves in your player’s irons.  Do this when it doesn’t interfere with the pace of play or is distracting to the players.
11. Stop whatever you are doing and be quiet whenever a player prepares to hit a shot.
12. Be prepared to hand clubs to your player, but only when he asks. Never select a club for him. Always let him tell you which one he wants.
13. Hand clubs to your player with the grip toward him.
14. When your player is hitting, stand about ten feet away and face him (ensure that your shadow is also a sufficient distance from him). Keep track of where the ball is hit, especially those which are off line. In such a case, use a landmark to help you locate the ball and after all the players have hit, walk directly to that mark. Tell your player immediately if his ball has gone out of bounds.
15. You may help other caddies by remembering where their players' balls are hit.
16. Replace all divots (press down the cut turf) taken by your player.
17. Do not talk to your player unless he starts a conversation or unless you have something important to say. Your player may be concentrating on his next shot, and his train of thought should not be interrupted.
18. Walk beside or slightly ahead of your player. Do not lag behind.
19. If your player's ball is in a bunker, do not enter that bunker unless your player asks you to do so. Once he has played out, you must rake the bunker. In doing so, ensure that you are not distracting other players.
20. Never lay the golf bag down on the green nor do anything which will mark the turf.
21. Be careful that you do not step in anyone's line of putt.
22. Attend the flagstick only when your player asks you to do so. When you are attending the flagstick, face the player who is putting, stand to one side of the flagstick, do not let your shadow cross that player's line of putt and be sure you do not stand in the line of any other player. Make sure the flagstick is loose in the cup so you can pull it out quickly if a putt looks like it is going to drop in the cup.
23. At the end of the day, ask your player what time he wants you to report for work the next day.
24. Remember, the player is your employer and he is at work when on the golf course. The minimum caddie fee is thirty five ($35) dollars per round. The fee may be paid on a daily or weekly basis and payment is most often by cash.
Please print this information and become familiar with these Guidelines.  These are just a few of the important considerations for caddies; more information will be available at the Clinic.  Keep in mind that most players are patient with inexperienced caddies, but be polite and follow his instructions to you carefully.
I’m sure you will enjoy being a caddie for the PGA Tour Canada Staal Foundation Open!

Rick Bevilacqua
Caddie Master